Each social media platform has its own sophisticated algorithm which prioritises content and engagement in different ways. These priorities change according to both social media platform policies and user habits.

Whilst it’s a daunting prospect staying on top of these changes, there are just 3 simple things you can do in order to create content that will help you share your story and reach the right people.

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Although each social media platform has its own priorities, each platform rewards content that maximises engagement. Shares beget shares.

Consistently posting and creating content that engages your fans and followers will ensure that more of your content pops up into newsfeeds more often.

Yes you can always pay to promote your content, but in order for that content to reach your objective it has to be good. Really good.

Community engagement

Don’t forget who it is that helps your content do well on social media. Consistently taking time to talk to and interact with your fans, followers, voters or customers will not only help make your brand, organisation or person look more like a human, it will reward them for the time taken to engage with your content.

Stay on top of trends

Nobody wants to feel left out or left behind, so make sure you are making what your followers want to engage with, where they want to do it. If there is a new trend, consider how you can incorporate it into your content.

If you can find a way to use a trend (something that your fans are familiar with) to share your own story (with your unique spin), the algorithms will try and push this content to your fans and followers as much as it can.